Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to make a good quality video

Camcorder is a complicated device. It needs to keep atleast some points in mind while making a video worth watching. Keeping the following things in mind will help you to make videos worth watching the first time itself.

1) Don’t use digital zoom, that makes your video look grainy.
2) Use only optical zoom and that too only when needed, avoid unnecessary zooming.
3) Zoom very slowly, fast zooming causes nauseous effect.
4) Turn your digital zoom off while recording.
5) Don’t walk with zoom-in mode, even slight movement would be amplified. Zoom out then move.

Camera Movement
6) Move very slowly while recording,very slow movements give best result in playback.
7) Use tripods (monopods preferred) during recording. Tripods with flexible head gives the required stability.
8) Make sure image stabilization is on if recording with camcorder held in hands.
9) Don’t rely on built-in image stabilization system for too much movements. It is to stabilize only slight movements due to slight shaking of hands.
10) If video recording with camcorder in hand, hold the camcorder with both the hands to reduce shakiness.

Light Issues
11) Don’t make video recordings in low light. Camcorders have problems with low light.
12) Try to turn the subjects towards the available light.
13) Don’t either let camcorder face the full light or the subject. Both should be at an angle with the light.
14) When you have more than one light sources, the camcorder has difficulty in judging the exact colors. Limit the number of sources and then go for white-balance in the device.
15) Also have white-balance on when you change your position with respect to different light situations.
16) Turn off auto-focus from the camcorder. It is difficult for the device to search for the right illumination and its search goes on without coming to focus. Go manual.

Sound Effects
17) Don’t rely on the built-in microphone of the camcorder. That will pick up the sound of device working.
18) Use external mike or preferrably lapel mike (that can be attached to the clothes), if possible.
19) While purchasing the camcorder check for audio input options.
20) In certain cases the shotgun mike can be used which can improve the audio even from a distance (ones which newsreporters use).

21) Don’t use the special effects during important recordings. They give you the same option as given by editing software.
22) Avoid backlighting, that is, when the background of the subject is much brighter than the subject itself.
23) If backlighting cannot be avoided illuminate the subject also with proper lighting system.
24) Don’t compromise the quality with space availability. That is sometimes we switch to long play mode to accommodate more of video to the tape instead of changing the tape once it gets used up. But video in long play mode is not of good quality.
25) Keep a set of batteries for back up. Even if you have rechargeable set of batteries just be sure to change the set after every 12-14 months.
26) Record the event with small gap intervals. This saves you the space for recording of more important part of the event and also saves you the battery power.
27) Make the video recording from different angles if possible to add attraction to the recording and add a touch of professionalism.
28) Make video recording of small events or actions other than the main event, to fit them at different places during editing.